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To celebrate my one year blog I decided to make a completely new one with more style and a central theme:

This new one is my new official one. Hope you like it!


You Have To Watch This

My favorite teacher here at school, Sister Esplin, has a daughter who goes to Harvard. I guess at Harvard they had a day where people of different faiths got to represent themselves in a press conference kind of way and her daughter was chosen to do it. She's so well spoken and really remarkable to watch and listen to as she explains her beliefs in Mormonism. Way good.

Day of Faith: Personal Quests for a Purpose - 3. Rachel Esplin from Harvard Hillel on Vimeo.


Room With A View

This is the sight I get to end every day with from my bedroom. I always try to be in my room around 5:30 with the blinds open and watch the sun fall asleep over the "R" mountain with the view of the temple. I try (mostly wish) for this time to be a relaxing time for reading my current my book (East of Eden) and the scriptures.

"And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it." - Psalms 90:17


Ketchup with Craig

This whole having no computer thing is a real drag because I don't remember often to update and check blogs and all that jazz. I usually have to steal Matt's computer when he's never home and use it for an hour.

Life is good. I FINALLY GOT A JOB!! At... guessed it....RED ROBIN!!!

The morning of Jan 17 at precisely 8:31 a.m. my phone rang. Being DEAD asleep (as a result of going to bed rather late...or early depending on how you look at it =) I was in a stupor to realize it was my phone ringing and that I didn't recognize the number. With a numb arm (from sleeping on it funny) and a sleeping voice (of which I coughed and growled to try to wake my voice up), I answered anyway. It was the hiring manager from Red Robin asking if I could come in for an interview and to be there in 45 minutes! I jumped up and started to get ready for a shower...only to remember I let Matt borrow the car this morning so he could go to work (his car was in the shop)!!! I texted and called him to no prevail...he's a lifeguard at the pool so it isn't like he could just get up and leave anyways...So i called a few friends until Stevie finally let me borrow her car. But in reality all she had to really do was just drive me to campus so I could get my keys from Matt. So half-dressed (literally with an untucked shirt and half buttoned up shirt...belt undone...scruffy face....) i made my way to Idaho Falls. I didn't have time at home to shave so I decided to bring my electric shaver with me to shave in the car. Bad idea. About halfway through my face with the shaver i heard the high pitch power noise from the shaver battery start to die as the tone got lower and lower and lower arriving at a dead STOP. My face was half shaven, and by now I was halfway to I.F. and had ten minutes to get there. After a brief moment of panic I turned the shaver back on and discovered it to be on high power for about ten seconds...then it died again. Then I turned it on again and it would be on a high power boost for about nine seconds...and the next time eight...and then seven...and so on....until my entire face was as smooth as a babies butt. Needless to say I arrived, I interviewed, I got hired on the spot, I had opening orientations, I signed papers, I called mom. Starting on the 19th it was the opening day of the restaurant, and being a holidy (Martin Luther King), it was ABSOLUTE CHAOS. I've worked every day since except Sunday and it is a ton of fun. It is seriously like a singles ward, with a few married exceptions. The manager might as well be a Bishop and the Assistant Manager the RSP.

My roommates are awesome this semester. One of them just came into some money and bought a 50'ish inch flat screen 120 hertz 1080 something-or-other HD television with a Blu-Ray Disc player. I watched Jurassic Park on that baby and it actually added to the terror of the whole movie scenario. I felt like the dinosaurs were literally in the thanks.

I've gone on a few blind dates since I've been back from Christmas. I told mom i'm all about blind dates now. It worked for Josh and Robin and pretty much Jamie and Anita (who can i make my accidental phone call to?). I have no idea how Scott and Kiana met...anyway. Oh and I have a friend who just went on a blind date Jan 1 and just went this weekend to already 'meet the family.' "WHAT?"...i can hear mom and robin say. Anyway, wish me luck on my dating adventures.

I've applied for a graphic design internship in Indiana this past weekend. The company is called "Midwest ISO". Website: www. My friend Brooke worked their last summer and submitted my name and resume for me. It would be a great opportunity so we will see what happens. If not then I will continue with normal school this summer.

The weather here is FUH-REE-ZING. Ice ice cold. All the more reason to stay inside and watch Jurassic Park 2 and 3. Love to all!

Final Project

Here is a final project from my Custom Images class last semester. Click on it to make it bigger. It's 3 ft x 1 ft printed out and in a frame. I took separate pictures of some of my ties hanging and took each one and played with each individual tie to get the desired effect on photoshop. I brightened each of them and added different textures and layers and blah blah blah. It was fun. It's hanging up in my room now and it...looks...AWESOME!


Back in the Rex!

Well its that time of year again...the beginning! I had an awesome trip home for the Christmas time. It was a quiet year this year as I was the only kid able to make it home because all my sibs were with their spouses families. =( But us in Salinas (me, mom, dad, nana, papa, and uncle bob) had a fun and quick Christmas day as we were done with presents in ten minutes and watched movies for the rest of the day! But it was still great to know that mom still decorates the same...from the lights to the nativity (that i will always ALWAYS be scared that i will accidentally break someday) to the stockings...I GOT ONE!! For Christmas my parents took a picture that I painted on my mission that I had completely forgotten about and framed and matted it. It was a complete surprise...which make the best presents ever. Thanks mom and dad!

Well I'm back in Rexburg in the land of the snow and ice. Lots and lots of snow and ice. More than last year in fact. And my winter is now complete now that I have slipped and fallen one time so far. It was seriously an incredible fall...actually it more like flying...actually, I believe Buzz Lightyear put it best when he said, "This isn't flying! This is falling...with style!"

But it felt more like the Paper Boy in While You Were Sleeping:


Blog Tag

So I was tagged by Meghan and I guess I'm supposed to put the 4th picture from the 4th album of my computer on here. I don't have a computer anymore so I'm on my parents and this is the picture. It's a picture of my niece Abby from probably 5 years ago playing the piano.

TAG! MIKE BRINEY! YOU'RE IT! put the 4th pic of the 4th album on your blog and tag someone else.

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