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Mary-Kate and Ashley

It was Matt and Mike's birthday so Meghan and I threw them an all twins birthday party! You had to come as a twin. Me and Meghan did the gangster thing (complete with a grill made of a mouthguard, glue, and little was fun). We had everything from Hawaiian tourists to dental surgeons.

Mike and Matt
Mike Matt Me Meghan
Brady and Ashley as Hawaiian Tourists
Jessica Kristin and Ashley Beth made them matching M n M cakes
Mamie and Monkey came as gangsters also!
Luisa paid us a surprise visit!
Her and KatyMe Kim Luisa and Kam
Me and KimParty! Success?? Me and Luisa
MaryKate and Ashley shirts
(Katie and Kristy, not twins but sisters seriously like 9 months apart...)

They couldn't make it.



Wedding Gift

Saturday Matt, Mike, and I went down to Utah for Dani and Jon Itri's wedding reception. Jon's one of my best friends, he got married May 17 in Redlands Cali. We left saturday at 10 am, got to Layton around 1 pm, had lunch, saw Prince Caspian (which I thought was incredible, amazing Gospel symbolism....C.S.Lewis = genious....), went to the reception and spent about five hours there, and started driving back to Rexburg at 10 pm (discussing Prince Caspian and the Gospel symbolism for most of the way home...) getting home at 1 am. (Matt and mike had to be back in Rexburg because their older sister was visiting...). I woke up Sunday with food poisoning I believe (not from the reception...) and made it to two minutes of Sacrament meeting spending the entire time in the bathroom, then asking mike to take me home because there was no way I was going to get something out of church that day anyway, got home and spent a few hours with the "other" jon. All is good now. So my wedding gift to Jon and Dani was making their invitations and wedding DVD so I didn't need to get them anything. But for fun I decided to take romantic movie posters and put their faces on them as something they could have for fun. People at the reception loved them. Here are just a few of them:


Grill Assignment

Well our George Foreman Grill Machine marketing campaign is finally over! Our teacher put us into groups of four and she gave us a company that we had to create a whole new advertising campaign for. She gave us the grill machine and our target audience was 18-30 year old males, particularly college students. Each person in our group had to design an ad of our choice but all four ads had to flow together and be consistent. Our slogan was "grill in style" and it focused on how you can have the grill machine however you want it. At first I decided to create a billboard, but afterwards it looked like it had too many words, so I turned it into a magazine spread (both are shown below...but the magazine spread is the official one I turned in). We had to present our campain to the class and it went flawlessly. My group was great and actually we were kinda funny too. It was fun. The model is my friend Katy from up here. She was a good sport...

(it had too many words so I didn't turn it in, I still like it though)

Magazine Spread


Website and Kickball

Well the summer is finally here...I THINK. it snowed barely a week ago so you never know...but it was hot and rexburg is coming alive! yes! for FHE tonight another group challenged us to a game of kickball. Wouldn't you know our team won: 14 to 12. Good times. Today was spent doing homework and projects projects projects. I have a website that I'm in the process of setting up and will be all semester long. Tomorrow our homepage is due and only one link has to be working so far. The website is going to be used to show off our projects from the past and this semester. Anway, check it out:

It's nowhere near being done but we have little updates we have to give it each week. Hope you like it. Let me know if you think of any ideas to make it cooler or better! Here are some pictures from kickball. All the guys are my roomates. Back row: Kam, Me, and Ryan (who is from Hollister). Front row: Chad (just went to the temple!), mike and matt. And the girls are our FHE sista's.



What I feel like after being in the Spori Computer Lab all day:

How To Make Friends