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Witness first had what exactly it is that I do...

Sometimes I get caught up in my Photoshop activities that the hours literally fly by. It's bad. I'll look at the clock and it will by 5:52. Then I'll look 30 seconds later and it will be 9:13. I don't know what happens! Luckily, I have a project due tomorrow that took me forever so I wasn't actually letting the hours pass by for fun, but rather eduactional purposes. I had to edit eleven pictures in Photoshop that I took and do advanced editing techniques. To save confusion, lets just say I had to play in Photoshop for 12 hours. And then I had to buy a photo album from Walmart and put the printed edits in there. I also had to create a cover and a back cover to the album. Following are my pictures and complete from cover to cover (I believe if you click on them they get bigger.) My three favorites include the wagon one, the violin one, and the one of the Bannack Ghost Town. Also, I use my friend Marion a lot as a model cause she has it goin' on. Enjoy.

Back Cover


It's been ten days but Halloween was pretty fun this year. Most of my friends had to work that night. What? So I ended up just dressing up to be in a few pictures and around ten o'clock my friends got off and we went to the FEAR FACTORY in Rigby which is a haunted house that really scared me. It got me dang good. Anyway I decided to dress up as Cast Away. It was cheap and, MIRACULOUSLY, I even found a Wilson volleyball at Big Five. As in really, a legit Cast Away promotion volleyball. I originally went to Walmart to buy a white volleyball and red paint to paint my own Wilson face on but they didn't have any SO I went and tried Big Five and they actually had probably 40 Cast Away Wilson volleyballs!! It even says Cast Away on the volleyball. It was stunning. worked. But I fear my days of fun Halloween's are over (until I have kids) as nothing will ever top Halloween 2006 as the ultimate Halloween: when I was Quailman and my best friend Jon was Skeeter Valentine. That was da bomb.

Halloween 2006
Halloween 2008: Complete with my very own Wilson Volleyball.

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